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PolicyFlow's primary objective

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Our core belief

Seek to achieve small, incremental changes in order to improve efficiency and quality. KAIZEN THEORY

Change is the only constant and we embrace it by taking a continuous improvement approach to PolicyFlow’s product design and delivery. W. Edward Deming (1982) identified continuous improvement as an unbroken loop between customer and factory: a cycle of delivery, gathering feedback and acting on that feedback. Putting this into practice means we always think customer first and keep end-user needs in focus throughout.

How we did it: PolicyFlow's time line

We transformed a vision from concept to product. PolicyFlow’s development timeline demonstrates our structured, agile approach to software development. It begins with clearly defining the business’s requirements. It follows by ensuring end-users are integral to the development phase. It ends with listening carefully to feedback and following up with new ideas: a continuous improvement loop.

  • March, 2013

    Suvoki Limited

    Mark Ballinger spots a gap in the market. The front and back office software requirements for specialist insurance brokers are not being met.

    The journey begins.

  • November, 2013

    Project work group

    If we were going to build something special, we needed industry experts on board.

    Suvoki established a consortium with Enable and Lumley Insurance.

  • January, 2014

    Requirements analysis

    Suvoki links Enable’s business analysts and Lumley's brokers together to review and document back, middle and front office business processes.

    Once defined the processes are translated into software requirements.

  • May, 2014

    Agile development

    Development begins as our UK software engineers get to work.

    End-users (Lumley Insurance) formed part of our development team providing a continuous stream of feedback.


  • September, 2015

    User Acceptance Testing

    Beta testing completed.

    Lumley Insurance tested the software against the business requirements defined by Enable.


Product background and connection to the insurance industry

PolicyFlow is a product of Suvoki Limited which was founded in 2011 to develop software products to support insurance broking. The first product, launched in 2012, was a contact management and data enrichment tool. This blended a custom selection of large external data sets to create market insight and enable more accurate customer profiling. The product’s success in increasing customer recruitment and upselling highlighted the scope to re-visit and re-imagine other core brokerage functions and led us to PolicyFlow.

Insurance Broker Management Software Client Dashboard

The PolicyFlow project team

We are a group of individuals with a passion for technology, driven by a desire to innovate, experiment and achieve outstanding results. Our consortium of ideas shaped the development of PolicyFlow and we remain engaged in its' continuous development and improvement.

The team is lead by the Managing Director of Suvoki Ltd, Mark Ballinger. He is engaged full-time in sharing PolicyFlow with a wider market and has a decade of experience delivering and integrating software into business functions.

How we work with you

If you choose PolicyFlow we want you to have a smooth journey to long term business growth. Once the core software is embedded and your staff and business adjust to the change you will see an impact. At this stage you may identify bespoke processes to add to the core modules. We can continuously support your business development and to do this effectively a phased working process, described below, is put in place.


We know we need to engage all business stakeholders and the whole staff team to embed PolicyFlow successfully so we may demonstrate it many times for different audiences during the explore stage.


We need to make sure PolicyFlow fits with your business rather than making your business fit our software. To take the process further we’ll need feedback on how your current Insurance Broker Management system functions so we can compare it with PolicyFlow and identify and document variations or missing requirements. At the end of this stage we issue an Investigation Document, including estimated costs, which reflects our detailed understanding of your requirements.


The Investigation Document provides the starting point for the define stage. Our software developers will identify any modifications required to PolicyFlow so it is a best fit for you; we will also use the information collected to compile a project plan with timescales and more specific costs. We review the resulting Framework Agreement with you and finalise business terms and conditions. The Framework Agreement is the roadmap we use to define everything we deliver to you and forms part of your contract with us.


At this stage our development team get to work making the required modifications to PolicyFlow so it fits your systems and we confirm a delivery date. Concurrently our client services team will begin set-up, deployment and configuration tasks. Once the software is ready to use we will initiate user acceptance testing.


Once PolicyFlow is installed we know you will need ongoing support. What we provide depends on a pre-agreed service-level agreement. We welcome your feedback and will be ready to initiate bespoke development if you decide it can further enhance your broking operations.